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Would you like to be trained as the best feet licker dog? To test your tongue and resistance for pleasure your Master without limits? To control your will, your breathing and even your ejaculations? Welcome to Feet Camp.

Rafa just moved in but this morning receives a visit from a real estate agent who is willing to sell him a new house and also make him his slave servant. Who could say no to scally alpha Sergio Mutty?

Tyler is looking for job but his asshole boss is always irritating him, so he decides to put him in his place treating him like the dog he is. Prepare yourself for an intense session of humiliation, spit and feet from this straight bastard.

Get ready for the most intense and wild Hardkinks? meeting. Toro Tyrk dominates Alberto de Palma without limits. Hot Spanish bulls and lots of testosterone in an amazing fist session in Attack club Madrid.

Handsome Scottish soldier AJ may tell his girlfriend he loves her, but when he’s actually eyeing up his bunkmate working up a sweat as he exercises, his mind is obviously on the growing bulge than on pussy! Dark haired muscle man Antonio Miracle clearly catches him spying on his buff, sweaty torso and decides to make the most of it, swallowing dick like a starving man, Antonio takes AJ’s entire giant dick down to the balls, ready for his ass to take the entire length hard and raw. Still slick with spit, AJ’s cock needs little lube as Antonio lays back to swallow it all once more, but this time from his hot hairy ass! AJ’s slim pale torso flexing as the thick slab of meat pumps into the tanned muscle man, letting him feel each inch deeper and deep, stretching his hole wide around the uncovered shaft. Fucked hard, Antonio wants his own giant dick to get some of the action too, and flipping straight boy AJ over, gets his way and after a bit of spit, slams the whole load into him, his nicely upwardly curved dick gaining easy access into AJ, the sweat starting to drip of both horny fuckers, completely rock solid ad loving this versatile flip fuck. Feeding AJ his load, Antonio drips sweat and spurts spunk over his new found fuck-mate who laps every last drop off of the still hard shaft.

Ivan came to Hardkinks to be trained as an authentic slave pup, but he'll have to work hard. Turbo will not put him things easy. Get ready for a an extreme workout session between males.


Aday doesn't allow anyone to disturb him while he is taking a shower after a good workout, but Elio seems not understand this and will pay the consequences being dominated and having to worship the jock. Will he learn the lesson?

Yah-Jil has a special delivery for Dan, in the form of fit young captive Yago. He's blindfolded, but even though he didn't volunteer for this his big uncut cock can't stay soft when he's got two long and meaty pricks to service. Fucked in his face and wanked off Yago is soon willingly worshiping every inch of fuckmeat coming his way, his face and mouth smeared with precum. Now the top lads know he's hooked on dick they can release his handcuffs and show him the cocks he's been sucking on, taking him to the bedroom for his ass to take a proper fucking. Dan goes first, stuffing his big meat into the guy's hole and ramming him from behind while Yah makes their slave gobble his manhood some more, then it's time for the bearded delivery guy to get his reward, taking his turn to ram in deep. He might have been reluctant at first, but by the time he's squirting all over Dan and getting a load over his fucked hole he's loving it.

Jah Jil’s Big Raw Dick
Jah Jil’s Big Raw Dick

Cute little Kamyk Walker never has to wait too long when he's cruising for some rock hard daddy dick at the Querell club. He's been playing with his boner in his pants for just a few minutes when a big meaty length of fuckmuscle appears through the nearby gloryhole. He's quickly on it, wondering who is behind the wall but happy to gobble that cock and drink a load from it. Jock daddy Yah-Jil is impressed with the boy's mouth, revealing his handsome self and properly going at that greedy gob, making Kamyk worship it like the slutty little lad he is. Happy to give the boy the full experience and eager to cram that tight little butt Yah-Jil shoves the twink up against the wall, parting the boy's cheeks for a thorough tongue-lashing, licking out that tasty pucker and getting it wet enough for his rigid daddy dong. Kamyk whimpers as the head of his meat slips in, thrusting past the youthful resistance and driving up deep inside. Yah-Jil’s big bare dick drools precum inside the boy, his balls swinging and bouncing, slapping around while he power-fucks the near-virginal hole. Picking up the twink to rail him from beneath he brings them both closer and closer to cumming, finally letting the boy suckle on his bare shaft once more before spewing his jock daddy load all over Kamyk's hot little face. That's all the boy needs to be squirting his own powerful jets of cream over Yah's sneaks.

He has an angel's mouth, a kind and innocent look. This little twink shroud hides his game: since he began to masturbate there are in his head that dreams of submission. He has already imagined and played on the hardest scenarios and now that he is older he intends to achieve them. He makes his entry into a gay fetish brothel, cross a daddy leather master, gives him a look of slut who desperately need to be taken in hand. He is lucky: the boss will take him to his service and train him. No special treatment for the youngster, it starts hard: blowjob in deep throat mode, violent ass slamming, dildoing balls work, mummification, ultra violent sodomy. An explosion of abuse that will help achieve the ultimate goal of this born bastard: to be a bitch.

John came to Spain from the UK for a relaxing holidays week, but he meet a group of str8 evil alphas who wants to humiliate him with their spit and sneakers, and make him their personal slave tourist dog.