Relax, you're my good boy now

Time: 18 min

JD Black hooked up with the wrong guy, or perhaps the right one? He's been roped up and left hanging from the beam in nothing but a t-shirt and his bulging underwear, but although he's scared when bearded Damian Boss arrives the boy's big uncut cock can't stay down. Damian is a real man, the kind of guy who gets what he wants, and after exploring the boy's smooth body and big dick just a little he's sure his new captive can satisfy him. Freeing the boy just enough to be able to use him correctly he lowers the twink to the floor, his massive uncut meat soon out and ready to be serviced. JD might have been reluctant at the start but the offer of such a delicious piece of manhood quickly has him greedy for it, sucking on the presented shaft, cramming as much cock into his mouth as possible. The boy has proven his greed, but can he be the gay fuck slave satisfy Damian's needs and take that fat cock up his raw ass? With a little licking of the boy's smooth hole the dominant man finds out, easing his incredible member between the boy's cheeks, prodding into his pucker and filling him up. It's soon certain that his ass is just as capable as his mouth as JD takes it deep, fucked hard from behind and riding the big guy's XXL cock until cum spurts from the boy's dick in a climactic display. The jizz-splashed boy proves his worth once more, lapping the cum erupting from Damian's satisfied tool as his heavy balls purge their seed.

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