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Make me your slave

After a hard day at the office, Aday's boss' son decides to go ahead and write him a very specific note: Make me your slave. Aday decides to fulfill his superior's fantasies and turn him into his sub.


In the darkness of a basement two young pals have retained a policeman. They want him to humiliate, insult, and having him submitted to all kinds of perversions. All for messing with the wrong teenagers.


100% top Lukas has never been fucked. When he meets Aday the only condition for getting his cock is letting him play with his ass. He'll have to prepare to lose his virginity, and it's gonna hurt.


What can be done with a slave locked in a steel cage? Julio Rey lands on Hardkinks to dominate Max Duran and use him to the limit. Do not miss one of the most hot sessions in Attack Club Madrid.


New Master Erik Taylor lands on Hardkinks to punish and humiliate our slave puppy Jean Favre in a frantic session of sneakers, whip, pissing and sex you can`t miss. Are you ready for real Alpha action?


Two young nasty and evil boys looking for a new slave who serve them in all, entertain them, and suck them like a lowly slut. This is the life of the young Alpha males.


Dmitry wants to have some fun with his new slave and put him in control trough the worst humiliations. His slave will be degraded. Cleaning feet with his tongue, eating chewed food, and be fucked as an object will be some of them.


Dani came by surprise in our study to fulfill his most dirty fantasies. The stud talk in detail about what would he like to do to a submissive, so we've searched in his head to see what is capable.


This time we visit with Steven F one of the most hot places in Alicante: Sauna Steam. There we find our valencian puppy Matthew Stanford, who is more than disposed to serve, obey and worship this big male. About Steven... This bull makes the jump to the porn with Hardkinks. When we saw Steven F in action we could not resist him. Hard, hot, demanding, and with an trespassing barriers attitude. If he seems big on camera you should see him in person... About Mateo... Mateo Stanford is our new slave pup. 35 years old, from Valencia, and with a body and an attitude that will make you want to put him at your feet. Could we ask for more? Do not miss his first porn movie, an extreme meeting with Max Duran.


What does two puppies when their owner is not around? They play with each other. Get ready for a hot and hard action as you've never seen with Elio Guzman and Andrea Suarez in Boyberry Madrid. About Elio... This young explosive Spanish macho is a sportswear lover that also enjoys having as hard as possible sex with his mates. A violent dominator and a brilliant slave, he is one of the most hot kinks on our team, with almost no limits and a truly Spanish Hardkink essence. About Andrea... Andrea Suarez enjoys both being dominated and putting a guy on all fours to give him what he deserves, this catalan lives by and for hot action. He didn't hesitate to give everything in front of our cameras. His passion is to give pleasure, whether sharing you his hot ass to use it at your pleasure, or giving you the most intense BDSM and fetish session. Don't miss any movie of our most promising discovery of the season.


This week on Hardkinks, Alec uses Mark as a feet cleaner for not following his orders. In this house the Alpha twink makes the law and no one can say the opposite. Whoever does will be enslaved and humiliated.