When we saw Julio Rey we knew it was the perfect Master for the new season. Tall, muscular, with an attitude and incredible strength... Prepare yourself to surrender to his feet.
His videos on Hardkinks
Published: 2018-08-24

Julio has arrived to make Dominique surrender to his pleasure, dominating him in every way and making give himself to the fullest submission. His slave serving him forever and ever.

Antonio can't wait to be fucked by Julio and Mario, but these Alpha Males liked him smooth. Before using him as they please, they get their man toy ready with a nice clean shave. An intense session between real men.

Get ready for a wild frenzied session between males wanting to break holes. One of the best sex we've ever seen: Muscles, testosterone, hairy armpits and crazy pigs by spanish studs Antonio Miracle

What can be done with a slave locked in a steel cage? Julio Rey lands on Hardkinks to dominate Max Duran and use him to the limit. Do not miss one of the most hot sessions in Attack Club Madrid.