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Steven makes an extra money in summer as a personal trainer. This time his client is David, a posh brat who needs to be put in his place. Enjoy while he piss on David flexing and treat him like a real dog. About Steven... This bull makes the jump to the porn with Hardkinks. When we saw Steven F in action we could not resist him. Hard, hot, demanding, and with an trespassing barriers attitude. If he seems big on camera you should see him in person... About David... Some people says those with good guy faces are the evilest, and with David Ride we confirmed that. Don't be fooled by its good kid appearance, inside hides a horny and insatiable beast. Any dom can put him in place? Check it on his movies.

Gay orgy with Alex Foxhound and Sergio Mutty
Gay orgy with Alex Foxhound and Sergio Mutty

Alex Foxhound and Sergio Mutty gay porn stars in gay orgy porn, filmed in sex club in Madrid. Facial cum, submission, bdsm gay, public humiliation of gay slaves. Our first Recparty movie in Attack Bar Madrid has arrived, a party where Hardkinks and fans come together to raise the temperature to the limit. Becoming a porn star while you do it with your favorite actors? It is now possible. About Sergio... Sergio Mutty is a Spanish young macho from Madrid, an amazingly hot and fresh stud. At his only 21 years old he's able to show our cameras who he really is: a boy brave enough as to dominate any men on his hands. About Alex... Alex Foxhound starts his career in porn with Hardkinks. At 23, he claims to have things very clear, and the guy does. This lad have no hesitation when gives everything in front of the cameras. Obedient, hot, insatiable, he will raise your temperature from the first second you see him.

Tyler comes to Attack Club to deliver some beer boxes when a client tries to bother him. With the help of the manager they'll give him an extreme session of humiliation, foot worship and spit he'll never forget.

Kalel's new straight flat mate is making his life a living hell: He obligues him to clean, to give him massages, to pay the rent and every whim. In exchange he receives hits, spit and feet. Straight man uses a gay roomate as personal slave. Gay boy must lick master's feets, suck his big dick and give his ass to brutal anal fuck.

We arranged an appointment with our new pup Bryan in sex shop. We're going to lock him in the cage, prepared for Master Antonio Aguilera humiliate him, tease him with his foot ang give him big loogies. This slave needs to learn obedience. The best method is to get some facefuck, forced deep throat and brutal anal fuck.

A new BDSM video with Max Toro, a gipsy master. This guy is a real sex mashine and sadistic fucker who obviously wants fuck submissive boys. His slave is a hipster boy ready to be tortured and to serve the master. Max Toro will fuck that dirty slave with his big dick and will force the guy to take all of his cum into mouth.

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Three friends playing poker starts betting more and more humiliating actions for the loser. Prepare yourself for a session of dirty sex between muscle pig men full of testosterone. The loser obeys.


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Two waiters are visited by a policeman who does not hesitate to threaten them if they don't show him the club's paperwork. The young alpha males decide to show him who makes the rules and submit him to extreme humiliations.