Perfect man, perfect dick
Perfect man, perfect dick

Perfect man, perfect dick

Time: 30 min

Two scientists have created the perfect man: big, muscular, obedient and able to satisfy all their sexual desires. But the captors become victims when their creation decides to be the boss and put them on their knees. About Rogan... With 1,80m and 95kg, this BIG macho arrives from Australia to shoot his first film in Spain with Hardkinks. With one of the best trajectories in the current porn scene, Rogan Richards (33) surprises us showing his most dominant and wild side, something he never had done before but emerges naturally from this beast. Do not miss the most brutal videos of this Master. Get ready to be on all fours! More about Rogan: Richards is primarily known for his unlimited energy and wild attitude in active sexual roles. Distinctly masculine and rugged, Richards is unafraid to play many types of characters, much to the surprise of his typical audiences. He has made pornographic films for studios like Men at Play,, Titan and Raging Stallion Studios, as well as independent films for smaller studios, including his own. About Antonio... With an impressive body and attitude Antonio Miracle lands on Hardkinks to deliver lots of hot action. Naturally dominant he also enjoys the submissive role with a big alpha male in front. When you see him you can only think about these two: worship his feet like a puppy or try to dominate him. His ease of manner in front the cameras is a clear example of the new generation of actors coming to stay. Don't miss his scenes if you want to know the meaning of the word hot. About Mario... When we saw Mario Domenech didn't leave us indifferent. This Valencian transmits hotness, freshness and fuckness by all his sides. He can be a strong Master or the most obedient puppy, depends on your attitude. DJ by profession and eager to experience in porn, so much he didn't doubt to give everything in front of our cameras. If you want to see pure action don't miss his movies.

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